TD Veen is concerned with sustainable social development. Our contribution is to invest in companies and solutions that are good for both owners and society at large. The foundation of TD Veen is job satisfaction, creativity and a strong determination to invest in the very best people.

At one stage we saw sense in targeting the investment profile, which also gave us a new perspective on the demand for returns and the role of investors. As a financial owner, we want to establish a healthy attitude toward results and returns. In companies where value is created over time.

A differentiated portfolio is important to us. That is why we work with investments in new industries, such as e.g. health, or in parts of the world where we have not been before. Despite our Stavanger address, we want to invest outside of the petroleum sector.

TD Veen has for many years supported the work of SOS Children’s Villages, including the project The Long Run, where we renovated old children’s villages in Romania and Lebanon. We have also contributed to starting up a separate pioneer project for foster families in Murmansk. Going ahead, we will to a greater degree also contribute to society at home, by building up a community of social entrepreneurs in Eiganesveien 95.


TD Veen was established by Tor Dagfinn Veen in 1986. Tor Dagfinn and Tone Veen own 28% of the shares, while daughters Camilla and Silje Veen each own 36%. Silje Veen, Klaus Mohn, Per Ivar Selvåg and Gry Isabelle Sannes are on the board of TD Veen. Øyvind Tjønn and Konrad Skulestad from Erga Revisjon are our auditors and Dag Sigvart Kaada from the law firm Schjødt is our legal adviser.

In 2012 TD Veen bought Eiganesveien 95, this is now our office. The building has been restored to its original state as it was when it was built in 1917. The goal is to link the main building and the kindergarten building and establish a community of innovative companies, good investments and people with a commitment to society.

In the current working community, the chairman of Stavanger Venture, Espen Fjogstad, and Kjell Skappel, general manager and partner of the same company, are important partners.

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