Samfunnssentralen Aktivitetsdosetten

Samfunnssentralen 01.05.2022

Annual report from Samfunnssentralen

Samfunnssentralen (community hub) is our focus on social entrepreneurship. In its annual report for 2021 the consortium reports a year of a slightly slower pace, constant changes and challenges – and results that show excellent follow-through.

The annual report also includes information about four social entrepreneurs affiliated with Samfunnssentralen: Trygg av natur (TAN), a nonprofit that works on life mastery for children and young people, the Evne & Vilje Rekruttering recruitment project, which is affiliated to the Stavanger Red Cross and Nettwerk etter soning (post-sentence rehab network), Forandringsfabrikken (the Change Factory) foundation and knowledge centre, and Veiviser (signpost), a service from Church City Mission that works with the inclusion of immigrants.

Read the annual report here