Ducky 15.05.2022

Ducky raises capital for further growth

The Norwegian climate tech company Ducky is raising capital for further growth. This testifies to a promising future and a broader understanding of the interaction between consumption and climate.

Ducky develops digital tools that help more people live more sustainably. The tools are based on the principles of good climate communication and research from Asplan Viak and NTNU.

TD Veen led the investor round in which Ducky has now brought in strong investors and in excess of NOK 30 million.

“Ducky’s way of thinking about emissions, and their genuine commitment, was what made us interested in the company in the first place. We have long invested in technology that can contribute to positive societal changes, and we’re excited about the potential of the company and what they can do next,” says Jens Erich Jenssen, investment manager at TD Veen.


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