NMI celebrates 10 years of micro finance

NMI was established in Oslo in 2008 to invest in and develop micro finance institutions in order to offer financial services to developing countries. Micro finance institutions are important tools for financial inclusion all over the world as they provide financial services at a local level in local currency to unbanked clients.

Since the inception in 2008 NMI has invested 1.65 bn NOK, primarily in equity, in MFIs in Asia and Africa. These MFIs have approx. 7 million clients, whereof 96% are women. Correspondingly, NMI has achieved an annual return of around 10% to the investors. “Financially it has actually been better than we thought” says Ferd-owner Johan H Andresen who was one of the initiators of the fund back in 2008.

TD Veen invested in NMIs Fund III in 2015, and we have been pleased with the investment thus far. The fund totals 715 million NOK, has a 10 year term and is almost fully invested.

In connection with the 10 year anniversary NMI is launching their fourth fund. This fund will be the largest to date and the 5 large owners, Norfund, IFU, Ferd, KLP and DNB have made initial commitments of a total of 840 million NOK.

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