Social challenges find new solutions in Stavanger


A social entrepreneur solves social problems in a new way, using methods we usually find in business. The solution benefits a third party who isn’t directly involved. Social entrepreneurs may be found in both the private, public and voluntary sectors.

TD Veen has chosen to focus on four areas of social entrepreneurship: Young people, rehabilitation, pure food and redesign/recycling. The social entrepreneurs at Eiganesveien 95 are all in the start-up or development stage of a sustainable business, product or service.

Cooperation between the social entrepreneur and TD Veen means that he or she rents an office space for a period of three months to two years. In addition to rent, the entrepreneur contributes to the fellowship, both socially and with knowledge, throughout the period. In return he or she receives guidance, expertise and sparring from both TD Veen and the other social entrepreneurs. TD Veen also contributes financially to the project