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ZaveIT 11.08.2023

ZaveIT won gold at the Storage Awards

ZaveIT made it to the finals in a total of six categories and competed against international companies like IBM, Microsoft Azure, Dell, and Lenovo. In the category “One to watch”, the Norwegian IT company went all the way to the top.

No Norwegian company has previously been a finalist in the Storage Awards, which celebrated its 20th anniversary when the competition was held in London in June.


– The victory in this competition strengthens our belief that we should be able to succeed in more markets than just Norway. The influx of interested parties is rapidly increasing and comes from large parts of the world, says CEO Lars Olav Habberstad.

ZaveIT is a service platform built and tailored for IT Resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Through simplification and automation, the goal is to free up resources to increase sales and business development.

The solution was recently launched in Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands. Now, the rest of the world awaits.


Read the full announcement at ZaveIT.