Pexip as


Pexip is behind Pexip Infinity, a software platform that enables personal virtual meeting rooms and video conferences in HD for all employees in a company, regardless of unit. The result is that video conferences are both easier and cheaper to use on a large scale. Pexip is a part of Stavanger Venture’s portfolio.



Polight develops a new type of autofocus lense. The Technology makes it possible to produce a fast and ultra low power lense for mobile phones. Polight is based in Horten and has its origin from SINTEF in Trondheim.

Stavanger Venture


Stavanger Venture invests in entrepreneurs and companies that share its values: Engaged, value adding and discrete. TD Veen owns 54% of Stavanger Venture.



Videxio is a cloud service provider that makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to use professional videoconferences. Videxio is a part of Stavanger Venture’s portfolio.

Bright products as


1.3 billion people use polluting, hazardous and inflammable paraffin lamps. Bright Products develops sustainable energy solutions for households in parts of the world with no electricity supply. Design and innovation are important constituents of product development, a focus that has been rewarded by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Stafonds as


Stafonds is a property company that owns 3,000 m2 of office premises in the centre of Stavanger. Most of this is leased to Skagen Fondene. TD Veen owns 35.25% of Stafonds.

House of Control


HOC is an it-company that develops software where the costumer gets total control over its holdings, commitments and contracts. HOC had in 2014 a revenue of NOK 39M and an EBITDA of NOK 15M




SIC, Stavanger International Collection, is the company behind a constantly growing private collection of international contemporary art. The initiators were 10 local investors under leadership of Arve Opdahl from Galleri Opdahl. The goal of the collection is to put Stavanger on the Norwegian, and eventually on the European art map.

Mirmorax as


Mirmorax supplies sampling systems and monitoring of instruments to the oil and gas industry. The products detect oil in water and contribute to a more sensible use of resources and maximise reservoir exploitation. Mirmorax has won several awards for its ability to innovate. Mirmorax is a part of Stavanger Venture’s portfolio.