The investment is only good when it also benefits society

TD Veen is the proud main sponsor of Arctic Sense 2021

As it is of invaluable importance to explore and identify the marine fauna in the arctic seas, we are very happy to help making this expedition viable. The team members’ enthusiasm and talent for communicating their mission to children and young people is also highly appreciated.

For TD Veen it is a special honor “to be on board” together with the leader of the expedition, Andreas Heide, who is also from our home town, Stavanger. From ambitious expeditions in the past Andreas and his team members have shown both great performance achievement and devotion, all of which are values to be encouraged.

We will be happy to receive information and knowledge along the way and look forward to taking part in the presentation of findings and storytelling of exciting experiences at the end of the expedition.

We wish Barba and her crew a happy voyage !