Sustainable social development through profitable investments

TD Veen attaches great importance to long-term impact investments that are positive for owners, society and our shared planet. The portfolio is further developed through visionary attitudes, ever-present consideration and a strong willingness to invest.

We have adhered for many years to our philosophy – that investment is sound only when it also benefits society – and this has also been confirmed through sustained good results. At a time when the planet’s limitations are under threat, this investment philosophy helps to support the social, economic and environmental transformation the world needs. We want to help improve the lives of more people while at the same time reducing our overall use of resources.

Systemic change through healthy growth

Green transformation requires new models, methods and appetite for risk – but, most importantly, new ideas about what is possible. We see the circular economy as a profitable alternative, where the results created are better for shareholders, customers and nature.

We believe in systemic change through healthy growth, where innovation and resource-smart solutions will outperform conventional, grey growth. As investors, we look for entrepreneurs who think globally from day one, and who contribute positively through both mindset and practical solutions.

Our attitude is that immense value can be created as we listen to the limitations of our planet.

More than the bottom line

Our investment areas are mainly circularity, food, health and technology. As a financial services owner, we want to create a healthy attitude to results, where returns are measured based on SDGs, accountability and impact on the needs of the future – in addition to the bottom line. In recent years, we have largely focused on early-stage investments that contribute to scalable business models.

Innovative healthcare businesses

As part of TD Veen’s long-term investment in health, in 2018 we established the p53 investment company jointly with Susanne Stuffers. p53 invests in healthcare businesses with groundbreaking ideas that have value for people’s lives and health. Read more

Social entrepreneurship

Since 2015, we have invested in social entrepreneurship locally through Samfunnssentralen, with children and young people, rehabilitation, pure food and redesign/recycling (circular economy) as our focus areas. In addition, we support the work of SOS Children’s Villages, where we have been involved in the renovation of old children’s villages and contributed to the start of a pioneering project for foster families in Murmansk.

If we are to shape a new narrative about the future, it is fundamentally important to be able to imagine something that is completely different from the present. Per Espen Stoknes