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Siglar Carbon 04.10.2021

SiglarCarbon launches carbon estimator

Siglar Carbon is today launching a free version of the Siglar Carbon Estimator tool that allows commercial shipping operators to predict and compare emissions from tanker cargo. There is enormous untapped potential in commercial decarbonisation of shipping, and the ability to compare the carbon impact of decisions before agreements entered into could play a part in harnessing this potential.

The carbon estimator models carbon emissions from individual ships and voyages. It allows commercial shipping companies to compare the carbon impact of their commercial decisions. Cargo owners can use the estimates to plan transport and charter ships, while ship owners can perform external benchmarking based on emissions.

The lack of comparable emissions data in the maritime ecosystem prevents the industry from identifying effective means of reducing emissions. In Siglar’s experience, putting knowledge of the emissions involved in decisions into the hands of the commercial decision-makers paves the way for significant emissions cuts.

“We’re launching a free version of the Siglar estimator to accelerate the commercial decarbonisation of shipping, where we find that there is great untapped potential. We want to create a common carbon language to help the industry identify and cut emissions effectively, and this calculator is a step in that direction,” according to Siglar CEO Sigmund Kyvik.

Good estimates require large amounts of data, while neutral, comparable and detailed data on actual emissions are in short supply in the maritime industry. The quantity, quality and degree of detail of the data input distinguish Siglar’s estimates from others.

“We continuously collect and process detailed emissions data. With our customers’ permission, we use Big Data to provide emission estimates with high accuracy,” says Siglar CDO Geir Olafsen.

“Using machine learning, we can calibrate and continuously improve the accuracy of our estimates,” he adds.

Effective decarbonisation starts with knowledge of emissions sources, and access to neutral emissions estimates provides new and shared insight into the maritime ecosystem. Siglar Carbon Estimator, like other estimators, will improve as the amount of data increases.

“The estimator is already in use by our customers, and new features are under development. By opening up access, multiple players can speak the same language, and the industry will have the best tool to support carbon-efficient shipping decisions,” says Kyvik.

For further information, please contact:
Gry Sørås, Head of Communications, Siglar, +47 4040 365